Easy direct control by full access and visibility for hardware and C code

PE-ViewX, the debug, control and monitor environment
for control software

PE-ViewX supports series of software programing process, such as coding, compiling, linking, debugging and handling design projects. User software can be downloaded to target which is PE-Expert4 DSP. Then user can run the program and debug.

Power of Real Time Debugging

PE-Expert4 consists of dual core DSP. One is assigned for user program and the other is for debugging. Therefore, there is zero intervention even during run time for accessing any variables. You will have full visibility just like "Virtual oscilloscope". Those variables can be also edited during operation for parameter change or control.

PE-ViewX Recommended Operating System

Item Specifications
CPU Necessary Condition Dual core and above.
Operating frequency of 2.0GHz and above
(5th generation of Intel core i3 equivalent Eg. i3-5005U)
Recommended Condition Dual core and above.
Operating frequency of 2.2GHz and above
(5th generation of Intel core i5 equivalent Eg. i5-5200U)
Memory Necessary Condition 4GB and above
Recommended Condition 8GB and above
Interface Gigabit Ethernet Port 1ch
USB Port1ch
OS Windows®7(64bit/32bit) , Windows®10(64bit)
Resolution 1366×768 and above

PE-Meter, the Integrated Power Analyzer

Super user friendly controller has come to the next stage, the integration of control and measurement! Rich processing horse power and sensor interface introduces PE-Meter,the new option, including power meter and temperature logger.

Main features

  • Support lines, 1P2W, 1P3W, 3P3W2M, 3P3M3M, 3P4W
  • measure, P, Q, S, φ,λ, Urms, Irms, Umn, Imn, Udc, Uac, Idc, Iac, f, pk,η, N, T, and FFT
  • Various display options (panel, list and graph)
  • Compute and/or display any variables in control program
  • User defined formula with sensor value and/or global variables

*PE-Meter board required for this feature.