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Library for power electronics control programing

PEOS, the function library helps C programing
for major PE applications

PEOS is the easiest way for you to translate your algorithm into C source code in most of power electronics application. For efficient or advanced experiment, C language programing is preferable since programmer has full controllability and visibility for gate control, observed input value (ex. Voltage or current) for feedback control and computation, and communication, while more abstract or higher level language may not provide this level of freedom or precision.
If fact C programing for advanced algorithm with high end DSP may not be easy for power electronics researcher. Here is the solution. PEOS consists of over 150 functions covering almost all required tasks in major power electronics design. Programmers can pick and put those functions in template based on his algorithm and enjoy extremely effective programing.

PEOS function examples

Triangle wave modulation command value setting for 3-phase PWM generator

PEV_inverter_set_uvw(INT32 bdn, FLOAT32 u, FLOAT32 v, FLOAT32 w, FLOAT32 fs);

  • u, v, w:Modulation factor
  • fs:carrier frequency

PID function initialization

INT32 mwPIDinit(mwPID *pid, FLOAT32 kp, ki, kd, T, Ts, x0, y0);

  • pid:pointer for PID structure
  • kp/ki/kd:proportional/integrated/differential gain constant
  • T:LPF time constant [sec]
  • Ts:time step [sec]
  • x0/y0:input/output initial value

Acquiring AD converter value and encoder count

PEV_ad_abz_read(INT32 bdn, FLOAT32 data[8], INT32 *abz);

  • data:pointer for the address in which AD converter results are stored
  • *abz:value of ABZ counter from encoder

CAN communication interface initialization

C6657_can_init(UINT32 ch, UINT32 bps);

  • ch:channel number
  • bps:transmission speed (125kbps – 1Mbps)


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